Why This Season of the Bachelor in Paradise Has Been So Refreshing as a Woman


First off, if you know me at all – you know one of my biggest guilty pleasures is watching the Bachelor franchise. With that said, I’m not ignorant about the power of the producers & editing, and that a lot of this show is fabricated. However, I believe it’s a show about real people, real relationships but in a very unnatural and fake setting. So before I start diving into my thoughts on the show – if you’re going to start telling me how fake this show is – trust me, I’m still going to watch it & love it so you might as well stop reading.

There has always been a double standard when it comes to dating for men & women, and this is no different on reality TV.

However, I actually found this season of the Bachelor in Paradise SOO refreshing, and found that men were put in positions and stereotypes that are typically put amongst women.

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise, you’ll remember characters like Dean. The guy who toyed with two beautiful women (Danielle & Kristina), who both lost endless tears over this guy who couldn’t decide between the girl that he had a “deep connection with,” and the girl who was just “so hot.”


Women are always painted as needy, clingy, desperate, & waiting around for their men to decide they want to be monogamous. For this reason, this season has been sooo enjoyable to watch! For once, the women were playing the field & the men were getting inside of their own heads. How amazing is it to watch the men for once feeling unconfident about their connections & wondering where the women’s heads are at? Like yes girls!!

Let me give specific scenarios:

Scenario 1: Jenna, Benoit & Jordan


Scenario 2: Krystal, Connor & Chris




Scenario 3: Joe + Leo + Kendall


Scenario 4:Kevin & Astrid


It was AMAZING seeing the men (Jordan, Chris, Joe) feel vulnerable and insanely jealous for once. While I’ve never given praise to the Bachelor franchise, it was really refreshing to see that the women weren’t portrayed poorly, for playing the field.

Scenario 4 of Kevin & Astrid, to me is actually a really sweet one. So Kevin & Astrid have been dating & out of the blue Kevin tells Astrid that he wishes she would go on a couple of dates with other guys. Astrid responds by storming off and crying (honestly probably how I’d respond too) since she’s confused why her boyfriend would want such a thing. He then explains that the past two times he’s been on the Bachelor franchise, he’s felt confident about his relationships, yet both have ended once they took it to a real life setting. He shared he felt unconfident about how Astrid felt for him – since she’s not actually vocal about it. I LOVED this! Women are typically painted as the ones that need validation, where as men are typically the ones that are bottled up or have difficulty expressing their emotions. It was just, once again for lack of a better word, so refreshing!

Anyway I would love to hear your opinions on this!! The show’s not over so, hopefully my words are still relevant during the next weeks haha.


Have a great night,


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