8 days in Hawaii


A quote that really resonates with me is “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

I just got back from a vacation to Hawaii with my parents. At 24,  most people are travelling with their significant others, maybe their children, or at least their significant others & parents, or maybe significant others & siblings. But nope, it was just us three.

Don’t get me wrong, a week in Hawaii? I would just sound spoiled & downright stupid if I had anything to complain about.With that said, 24 hours with your parents every single day (when you’re used to having your own full work day & time and space) can be a lot.

There were little things that we’d argue constantly throughout the day, everyday, but I constantly reminded myself, what a huge deal this vacation was to my parents.

To me, it was a chance to get a nice tan & do some amazing excursions. To them – they were counting down the number of family vacations they have left with me, before I one day start my own family.

To see how excited they were leading up to this trip, and how happy they were during it, for once I was in no rush to grow up.

I’m going to try to keep this recap as brief as possible.

4 Days in Maui 

Day 1: Arrived

We flew with United Airline – trust me, go with another airline.

Stayed @ Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Ka’anapali Beach

Hotel rating: I would give this hotel a 3.8 out of 5. I’ve stayed at Hyatt’s before and this definitely didn’t compare.


  • overall a beautifully designed hotel (with a very beautiful garden)
  • it was on Ka’anapali Beach & was walking distance to many other hotels & excellent shopping
  • Starbucks was a 10 minute walk away (Hawaii is very expensive, & so we chose to “save” our money with breakfast. You know it’s pricy when Starbucks was considered “saving,” and this Starbucks was marked up greater than usual.
  • we had a room with a mountain view & it was BREATH TAKING – definitely my favourite part of the hotel
  • enough chairs by the pool
  • the location was a 10 minute drive from Front Street in Lahaina – which is full of great shopping & local restaurants.


  • the beach directly in front of the Hyatt is not the crystal clear/blue water you’d expect when you think of Maui – there was lots of seaweed
  • the hotel was obviously dated
  • parking was very crowded


Mountain view from room & the Hyatt


the Hyatt garden


the beach in front of the Hyatt!


We arrived on a late Saturday afternoon so we spent that evening driving to Front Street in Lahaina. A very cute street I highly recommend!

Day 2:


Full day of sun-bathing & lounging by the pool. We headed to Front Street again and ate at Kimo’s! I HIGHLY recommend. One of the freshest fish I’ve tasted. We came here for four meals in Maui, so lol we enjoyed it.



Also visited the Banyan Tree along Front Tree! beautiful and definitely worth checking out.


Day 3:

  • Half the Road To Hana: Black Sand Beach! Absolutely stunning & I highly recommend!!! This was one of my favourite things to do in Maui. The black sand is so soft yet the water is so blue & beautiful, it was breath taking.
  • dinner: Kimo’s


Twin Falls on the way to Hana



Black Sand Beach



Day 4:



  • Sunrise on Haleakala Crater
  • this tour picked us up at 3:00 AM, yup 3:00 AM for us to drive two hours & catch the sunrise. But I’m telling you – it is very worth it. Suck it up, sleep a little earlier the night before but you won’t want to miss this. No words can explain you just need to experience it.
  • we got back by Noon so the rest of the day was lounging by the pool
  • dinner: Kimo’s

Day 5:  Flew from Maui –> Honolulu (Oahu)

We decided to stay in an Airbnb & it was an amazing experience. It was only one block away from Wakiki beach/many restaurants/Ala Moana Centre (a hugeee mall), extremely reasonably priced & an a phenomenal view!!! With most hotels in Hawaii, there was always a resort fee added (which was typically at least $40.00/day) + a parking fee (at least $15.00/day).. which really adds up. The airbnb had free parking & no resort fee. Also since Honolulu is a busy city – we were able to buy lots of snacks/ simple groceries to keep in our fridge. Especially if travelling on a budget –  this allows you to cook too.

link to our airbnb:


  • that evening we ate at a food truck court (very popular over there) with very fresh seafood!


Day 6:

  • beach – Wakiki beach is stunning but also crowded
  • shopping – wow I spent a lot more money than I expected to. I thought I was just browsing but i found the most unique styles in Honolulu with such wide selection.
  • food – we ate a lot of Japanese food here 😉 there was a little Japanese food court in the Ala Moana centre that was our go-to as well.
  • went to a Luau (a traditional Hawaiian party/feast) – it was a fun experience but I don’t know if it was necessarily worth it or if I would recommend it if you are short on time


Wakiki Beach at 7 AM





This is how a motivated & overly excited shopper looks



Day 7:



  • Full day tour of Honolulu with Pearl Harbour
  • included the USS Arizona/USS Missouri/USS Oaklahoma/ Pacific National Monument 
  • this was a very moving experience. We spent over five hours going through museums/ watching documentaries/ touring the ships and Monument & the day completely flew by. I would HIGHLY recommend this & also highly recommend booking in advance

Day 8:

  • North Shore – we drove up to North Shore to get to a quieter beach – this was lovely & I would highly recommend
  • more shopping



This was my last day in Honolulu before I flew back the next morning. Hawaii is definitely a place that I’ll have to return to.

Every time I write about my trips, there’s SO much to say. If there are things you’d want me to go more into detail about or focus on please let me know! such as places to eat/ things to do/ tips when planning the trip/ vacation outfits.

Have a great night,







2 thoughts on “8 days in Hawaii

  1. ALICE, it looks so beautiful there! Love that quote about the parents, also took me until mid-20s to understand more about how important time spent with family is. It’s never too late!

    I thought hotel and air travel combination deals would be cheaper, so it’s good to read about your Air bnb experience since I hope to travel there someday. I adore the beach and sunrise photos!

    I still see your parents at the gym, so inspiring 🙂

    1. aw thanks Erika! yeah it definitely really stuck with me in my 20s so far. I didn’t explore much of the hotel + flight combination only because we were on two different islands with limited time. It would force us to fly in and leave from the same island. In other destinations/itineraries you’re probably right!!

      haha my parents inspire me too & shame me for not going.

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