a week of doing absolutely nothing in Playa Mujeres,Mexico

2018 has completely spoiled me, and has given me the chance to do quite a bit of travelling. As you may know, my boyfriend is usually thousands of miles away.. so we try to do as much as we can in the time that he’s back.

This summer, we went to Playa Mujeres, Mexico. It’s about a 25 minute drive North of Cancun. We were looking for a nice all-inclusive resort that didn’t have the spring break vibe.


Our flight was at 7:40 AM.. and since Steven had only been back a week, we had been so busy that we didn’t start packing until about 12:00 AM..sooo this is how someone really excited without sleep looks (on the left). On the right is someone who wasn’t trying to be bothered, especially since I always make us go to the airport a bit earlier than needed.

We stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres, & I don’t have enough amazing words to say about this resort. While others might be picky about excursions or food when they’re travelling, accommodations are #1 on my list. Especially after having a long day of excursions/ activities, I personally value a nice place to come back and relax at.

I’ve stayed at quite a few all-inclusive in the past & this one has definitely been the best for many reasons (with the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Jamaica being a very close 2nd).

When we were approaching the hotel, there were two gates that our cab driver had to get past. By the way – I highly recommend planning your transportation from & to the airport prior to your trip through Expedia over the phone! Rates were half the price & very well organized.

As soon as you step into the resort, all we felt was luxury. You know it’ll be a good week when they greet you at the door by your names, a wet towel & a glass of champagne.



(this is one SMALL corner of the very large resort. View from our room!

We had the Excellence Playa Junior Suite with a pool view. The room was spotless clean with an amazing jacuzzi tub! The tub was indoors however the windows opened directly to the balcony if we wanted fresh air! The balcony was spacey & beautiful! Room service was twice a day, with our mini fridge & bar always stocked. Ugh..what I would do to be back there right now.



Of course, I would bring five lush bath bombs & two bubble bars on vacation..and make my boyfriend stuff it in his bag since I have no more space lol

Every morning, we woke up & had breakfast in bed/on our balcony. We would then head to the Aroma coffee bar & have more breakfast (this was a fantastic cofee shop that had quality coffee drinks, freshly squeezed juices, protein shakes, gelato & pastries). We’d then head to the bar, and the rest of the day is spent lounging by the bars/pools, trying numerous restaurants & binge watching El Chapo on Netflix at night.





& after breakfast: Tequila. On our first day there, our bartender shared a quote that stuck with us..”mucho tequila, mucho romantico!” haha.




Even though the hotel was actually at full occupancy, the hotel never felt crowded at all. There was a section that would have music playing all night if you were in the mood to dance/socialize & drink with strangers, but also many parts of the resort that were more secluded, calm and private. Steven & I would just float along the lazy river with mojitos in hand.

Something that really set this all-inclusive apart from others was the food quality & selection. The all-inclusives I’ve been to typically have a buffet for breakfast, lunch & dinner with maybe three or four restaurants that need reservations & typically aren’t amazing quality. At the excellence hotel, there were TEN restaurants & 11 bars (not that we went to all 11 bars, we had a few favourites). One of these restaurants offered a buffet for breakfast & lunch so if you wanted that fast option it was still available. We tried I think at least 7 or 8 of these restaurants & they were all amazing quality. Each restaurant was elegantly decorated, with no reservations required (however there was a rather strict dress code). The quality never disappointed. Especially since we had three meals a day for 7 days, it was nice to have so much variety. Not to mention there was also 24/7 room service.


Agave restaurant – authentic Mexican food


Basmati – Indian restaurant! Unfortunately the service was a bit slow but we enjoyed it regardless.


Chez Isabelle (french restaurant) – wow I highly recommend this restaurant! Our favourites were definitely the french onion soup & the tender minion(one of the best we’ve tried). The atmosphere was also very romantic.

Spice – this was an asian restaurant that had a special Teppenyaki(reservations required). We were in an intimate room with four others. I wouldn’t say the quality was that much greater than the Teppenyaki in Toronto, but the fried rice was very good. Our chef also did a lot of cool tricks, and our whole table did a lot of tequila shots.


The Lobster House – this was right above the pool. Steven asked if they had lobster, and I gave him so much attitude..I was like “come on Steven look at the name”

It turned out, they had no lobster on the menu.

Another favourite of mine was the Mediterranean restaurant.


Every single night there were also themed parties outdoor, but unfortunately due to the mosquitoes we weren’t usually there for too long.


White Party!




Employees were so friendly & I honestly could go on forever. However…one thing that did disappoint was the actual beach. We’ve both had our fair share of fantastic beaches so this beach was surprisingly filled with seaweed, that it affected the colour of the ocean. Regardless – it didn’t affect our time at all. That’s something that could definitely improve.. I was at the JW Mariott in Cancun in January for work & there was not a single mosquito in site. Maybe it’s something seasonal, but I think Mariott was actively spraying repellant on their resort.

Day 3: Chichen Itza

On the third day – after two full days of lounging, we went on a day tour of Chichén Itzá & a cenote. We had a fantastic tour guide that was so full of knowledge, he kept us entertained the entire day (and it was a long day). We had the chance to walk through the Chichén Itzá Maya ruins, take pictures & learn about their fascinating way of life. Our tour guide was an amazing story teller with an ability to tie past beliefs & ways of life to current day problems that our world is facing. To see the complex pyramids that were built by men is an eye-opening experience, speaking to the true power & intelligence of the Mayans.





The cenote was one of my favourite parts!! It’s a natural sink hole that provided water for the Mayans. The water was fresh, crystal clear, the perfect temperature and nothing like anything I had seen before. It was a true moment of happiness as I was swimming in this Cenote with Steven, feeling the waterfall hit our faces. I couldn’t believe how fortunate we were, to experience this but also to experience it together. We used a go-pro so unfortunately I don’t have any good photos – but here’s one from google that is extremely accurate.


Image result for chichen itza cenote

The rest of our trip was eating, sleeping & relaxing. Actually, the resort had a beautiful empty gym that we did go to everyday (or at least Steven did).



guys cut me some slack – actively working on posing cuter LOL


Mexico is massive & we definitely want to come back again. However I think we got an amazing all-inclusive experience & I would recommend it to everyone!

We’re going to start planning our next vacation soon! For now we’ve had enough sun & we did Thailand last year.. I’d love to hear your recommendations of places we could go for under 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading! If you’re considering going to Playa Mujeres and have any questions, please message me or comment!





6 thoughts on “a week of doing absolutely nothing in Playa Mujeres,Mexico

  1. great post, and perfect timing haha I’m going to mexico next week and gonna spend 3 days in Tulum, 4 days in Playa del carmen for the “doing nothing but chill” part haha – and there’s a day trip planned to chichen itza 😍 i officially can’t wait now 😍 thank you for sharing – also, your other post about long distance relationship was a good read, I’m in the same situation. I live in England temporarily, he lives in Mexico. Last time we met in London earlier this year, now it’s time for Mexico ☺🤗

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