Thailand Part 2 – Krabi

Thailand – Day 4 – Krabi 

In case you missed it, you can read about my time in Chiang Mai here:

When planning this trip, Steven & I had a full seven days in Thailand. We decided to allocate only 2 days to the south of Thailand. We’ve recently spent a week together relaxing on the beaches of Grenada, and so we wanted to allocate a greater portion of our time experiencing different parts of Thailand aside from the beaches. But of course – you just can’t go to Thailand without seeing the crystal clear waters, and breath taking caves.

We were debating between Krabi/Phuket and Koh Samui (just kidding Steven did no planning). Krabi seemed to best fit what we were looking for, as it had beautiful beaches with supposedly fewer tourists, at a reasonable price.

We booked our flight at 6:35 AM on Wednesday June 12th, and got there at 8:35 AM with Air Asia. Making this flight really early was one of our best calls ever! It gave us all of Wednesday and Thursday to really experience Krabi.

We arrived at our hotel –  the Amari Vogue Krabi – Boutique Hotel Resort at around 11 AM. When first arriving to the hotel, it was very very nice, however, when you look closely the details weren’t as breath taking as our hotel in Chiang Mai (RatiLanna).

Photo 2017-06-20, 10 26 35 PM.jpg

Our room wasn’t ready for check-in yet, but Steven and I didn’t want to waste anytime, so we threw our luggage in the baggage room, changed into our bathing suits (in the luggage room)  and rented a motorcycle for the day (this was only about 300 baht which is around $15 CAD or so. This was the BEST decision ever! Krabi’s streets are not as hectic as Chiang Mai’s, therefore it made it a bit easier for us to ride. They ride on the left but Steven drove it like a champ anyway. Riding through the windy streets of Krabi passing by oceans and mountains…I don’t know how many moments like this I’ll experience.

Photo 2017-06-20, 11 23 03 PM (1).jpg

^ lol I love this photo because we look absolutely ridiculous.  I know I’m sitting a lot closer than necessary but can you blame a girl for being scared of falling off and just wanting to hu g her man

We got to Ao Nang beach, where we then took a long tail boat to get to the famous “Railay Beach.” But of course, before anything we had to stop for a Iced Thai Milk tea, and some street food.

We came across this street that was filled with the most amazing eats for so cheap. Tom Yum Fried Rice, Jumbo Prawn Tempura and pizza (lol Steven & I love pizza and couldn’t help it). Once we were more than satisfied, we were on our way to Railay beach. Before anything, I was thinking ” OKAY KRABI, I’m impressed.”

Photo 2017-06-21, 12 42 06 AM.jpg

The long tail ride was amazing. The Krabi waters are so clean, clear, beautiful and surrounded by amazing caves and rock faces. As much as I love taking photos, throughout this trip I was constantly telling myself to put the camera down, and really just focus on the moment itself. Once again, the photos below don’t do justice.

Photo 2017-06-21, 1 32 04 AM.jpg

Photo 2017-06-21, 2 50 11 AM (1).jpg

Steven and I got to Railay beach, had a few drinks & just spent the afternoon in the sun:).

When we got back to the hotel, it was finally time to see our room! They were kind enough to upgrade us from the deluxe room to the deluxe suite…which had….our very own Jacuzzi!!!!!! Once again, Steven & I were like little kids when we first saw our room 🙂

Photo 2017-06-21, 10 15 00 AM.jpg

That evening, we watched the sunset right on the beach of our resort (while it was happy hour).

Photo 2017-06-21, 6 53 19 AM.jpg

Photo 2017-06-21, 7 52 32 AM.jpg

Is this real life?

Photo 2017-06-21, 6 38 43 AM (1).jpg

Photo 2017-06-21, 7 55 32 AM (1).jpg

Steven & I then got back on our motorcycle, and went to dinner on a little restaurant right on the beach. Steven & I made another stop to 7/11 for some snacks & drinks and called it a night.

Photo 2017-06-21, 8 53 16 AM (1).jpg

Day 5-  Krabi (4 Island Tour)

The next morning we took the “4 island tour.” This included chicken island, Poda island, Koh Tub and Koh Mor. It also stopped at Phra Nang cave. The tour had about 50 people on it, and it transferred us from island to island using a speed boat. Honestly Steven & I were a little disappointed by the tour. While the islands were beautiful, the crowd on the boat and on the islands were a bit too much for us.  I personally preferred the previous day, when we took ourselves to Railay beach. We did a bit of snorkeling, had lunch on an island, and headed back! Personally, this isn’t something I’d do again but I’m still happy I experienced it.

Photo 2017-06-21, 10 59 43 PM.jpg

Photo 2017-06-21, 11 06 26 PM (2).jpg

Photo 2017-06-21, 11 02 29 PM (1).jpg

Phra Nang Cave – Yes it is what it looks like! It is believed that Phra Nang is a female spirit symbolizing fertility – So this cave is filled with hundreds of phallic symbols

Photo 2017-06-21, 11 23 28 PM.jpg

Photo 2017-06-22, 1 05 33 AM.jpg

That night, Steven & I headed back out to town to have dinner, and literally probably had one of the best meals we’ve had in Thailand. After finishing our 4 course meal, Steven & I were seriously contemplating..ordering another 3/4 main dishes to bring home and eat at our hotel room. It was THIS good. That night, it was POURING rain. We were both completely soaked riding back to the hotel that night! I don’t have too much to say about this night either – we bought more drinks at 7/11 and just enjoyed our jacuzzi/balcony!

Photo 2017-06-22, 5 58 41 AM (1).jpg

The next morning, we said goodbye to Krabi & got ready for Bangkok 🙂 I actually think 2 full days in Krabi was more than enough. While Steven  & I love relaxing by the beach and what not, the part that we really love I think, is the casually walking around and eating all foods in sight. By this point of our trip, I was already mentally counting down the days that I had left in Thailand. I was ready to leave Krabi, but not Thailand! This leads us to Bangkok 🙂 I definitely have an interesting story to tell about Bangkok so stay tuned !




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