“Do you love your job?”

Happy Autumn Everybody!

Recently, I’ve often gotten the question “Do you love your job?” And every time, I respond – no I don’t LOVE it. After giving this response with hesitation, I almost feel judged for not pursuing my passion. There are so many articles out there about quitting your 9-5 job to pursue your passion, or that you’re wasting your 20’s if you’re not doing what you love.

Quite honestly – what I love, is to be able to pay for myself and to have the money to buy the things I like and do the things that I love outside of work. Of course, at the same time I know what I want in my career, five, 10 years down the line, I know my end goal. But as a 22 year old, with less than two years of “adult” work experience, I’m not going to be picky. I’m going to take what I have and make the most of it.

A lot of days, it is difficult to get out of bed. The transition into fall and reduction in daylight definitely takes a toll on my energy level, drive and motivation. Today, I thought I’d share a few tips of things that encourage me to take on the day and make the most of it, despite not wanting to move.


Of course, it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. However, if there are things that you can do, to boost your confidence/ make you MORE comfortable in your own skin then why not?

On days when I’m absolutely miserable, I spend that extra 10 minutes making sure my make up/ hair game is strong. I will pick that outfit that flaunts my figure or wear those heels that are an inch higher.

Personally, if I look good, it gives me a boost of confidence regardless of getting the attention/ praise of others. It makes me more comfortable in my skin, taking less focus off on how lousy I feel, and therefore helps me focus and concentrate on what I have to do.

2. Get a nice drink 

I drink A LOT of coffee. Starbucks takes more of my money than my gym does. I know it’s cheaper to make my own, I know there’s a lot of sugar in those drinks. But treating myself to a nice warm drink before work, just sets me up for my day right. There are SO many things that I want, hope and dream for.. But going back to the basics and appreciating the small things, really helps boosts my mood.

Having a drink in my hand, has also been almost like a safety blanket. It is actually comforting to be in social situations with a coffee in my hand. I don’t even know how to explain this..but try it.

3. Plan things 

Work Hard and Play Hard. I constantly need something to look forward to. Whether it’s a camping trip with the friends, movie with the cousins, date night, it really helps to have something to look forward to. And after that event you’ve been waiting for is over with, plan the next one.

4.  Clean/ Redecorate your space 

Certain habits, starts to become associated with certain spaces. For example, somedays I’ll wake up and be ready for a productive morning. Suddenly, you get the blues and decide to climb back into bed and continue watching Narcos. When this happens a couple of times, it suddenly becomes a habit associated with that space. Or, maybe you promise yourself that you’re gonna job search at night after work, but every night after work you end up spending hours mindlessly on social media. This becomes a habit. I find when my space is cleaned/ rearranged/ redecorated it almost breaks this habit. When climbing into your bed that now has matching bed sheets and pillow cases, it feels different, therefore leading to different behaviour.

This works for me with my work desk too.

5. Putting things into perspective 

I’m definitely guilty of this – complaining way too much. But every now and then, I remind myself that a lot of thing in my life are actually really good. You don’t know when your last good day will be, when suddenly you’re wishing that everything could just ” go back to the way they were.”

If your job is boring, it’s okay you’re getting the work experience, making connections, getting paid.

If you’re not getting paid enough – at least you’re getting paid at all

You’re boss is a jerk – there’s a lot of jerks in this life. Life’s not fair, but work hard and make it a goal to one day be the boss of yourself

The commute is so far – at least you’re not working


My point is – I definitely have those days where the motivation is close to none. At the same time, it’s important to remind yourself of your end goal, and to do things that will make you feel better, and therefore perform better. I’m a firm believer that nothing great comes easily, and sometimes you do have to endure through less than ideal situations. But take care of yourself, work hard, and the rest will follow (at least I hope).

Goodnight everyone 🙂






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