An only but not lonely child




I’ve always been really interested in family dynamics, specifically sibling relationships. Why? Because I’ve always yearned to have a sibling. I used to imagine how it’d feel to have an older protective brother, or a younger sister that I could spoil. Regardless, I grew up close to my cousins who were the closest and best thing.

Growing up as an only child has shaped me in ways that I probably don’t even realize. Today I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve experienced growing up.


1.You play all characters and voices . For example, when role playing with barbies, I was the mind and voice of Barbie and her boyfriend  Ken.

2. All your parents’ hopes, expectations and dreams are put onto this one child(you). And in no way am I complaining about my parents’ support.. but failure is a lot scarier when you’re the one and only thing your parents completely invest in.

3. You get really really excited when guests come and stay over at your house. It feels nice to hear so many voices.

4. When you argue with your parents, there’s no one to back you up or calm them down. Therefore most of the time, you need to pretend as though you’re over it, apologize and move on. Even though inside you’re not over it but this won’t ever get better until you apologize.

5. When you begin to have friends, you realize that you’re not always going to be the one who gets to pick the activity

6. Your parents have an empty nest when you go away for school, when you graduate or when you get a job. When you start your own family they’ll have an empty nest. So you look forward until the day when you can make little miniatures of yourself, to possibly fill this nest of theirs.

7. It’s hard to make your first friends. My second grade teacher spoke with my parents 1-on-1, since she was concerned that I chose to stay with her every single recess, as opposed to playing with the other kids

8.  Another day, another babysitter – I’ve had over a dozen. Actually, a lot of my friends growing up, were the children of my babysitters’ or the kids on their streets

9. You got easily attached to older kids. Some part of you just really wanted them to love you.

10. People assume that you’re spoiled. While I can understand that I didn’t have to share things – bruh I’ve worked since the 9th grade.




Honestly, growing up as an only child DID have its moments where it was boring or lonely. At the same time, I learnt how to be comfortable being alone. It also made me appreciate all my relationships that much more.


I hope to blog a lot more frequently, and you guys can hold me against that if I don’t 🙂 Also, while I only write things that come naturally – if you guys have any suggestion at all of things I could write about, I’d love to hear them!!

Have a good night friends,


Alice 🙂




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