What I Took From My First “Grown-Up” Job





Post-Grad life, has been a rollercoaster. But let me bring you back to how it all started and how it connects to where I am presently. I’ve also made a list of the things I took from this experience.

So around March 2015 (finishing my last two months of Undergrad), I went to a job fair. Honestly I had no clue what kind of job I wanted, or even what field for that matter.

While I was basically visiting every single booth applicable to me, I remember walking past this one specific booth (let’s call it Company X, just because I rather keep the name of the company private) and contemplating visiting it. I had just had a long conversation with the booth next door (their competitor) and thought it’d be weird to now introduce myself to Company X.

Anyway, I decided to visit this booth anyway. This moment right here changed my life. I know – that line sounds so dramatic but it honestly did.

Experience at Company X:

I ended up getting an interview at this company, and as a result got a job as well. It was in the finance industry – despite not taking a single finance course in my academic history.

It was a position that was so incredibly challenging. The time spent in this position, was an emotional rollercoaster. My responsibilities included cold calling – which is basically to call strangers to successfully convey that I can somehow add value to their life.

I was forced to put myself out of my comfort zone. My success/ compensation in this position also directly depended on my effort/ persistence/ and a few other factors. There would be evenings, where I’d come home absolutely drained and just… negative.

However, now that I look back, I am honestly so grateful to have ever had this position. I am now transitioning to a different position with a different company. However, I wanted to take the time to write what I took from my “first adult job.”

1.Don’t Take Things Personally

Especially because my job was cold calling, I can honestly say that I’ve grown a much thicker skin. Whether it’s strangers, clients or colleagues being rude or unpleasant – WHO CARES? Compartmentalize your feelings from your work life.

2.Read the News 

There are few things more embarrassing in the lunch room, than not being caught up with current events. Instead of refreshing Facebook and seeing no updates, read the news. Trust.

3.Take Notes

Your superiors appreciate those who take notes and absorb information quickly. They notice when they have to repeat themselves. Even if you think you got all the details, you’ll remember less than you think. These notes and experiences are also incredibly helpful during future interviews.

4.Be Open

Coming from a Science background, I never imagined myself being where I am today. I’m not saying that I am exactly where I want to be right now, but I am a firm believer of ” everything happens for a reason.” Be open to new jobs, experiences and relationships – you really never know where you’ll end up.

5. Fake it Till You Make it

It is ALL in your mind. Your mentality affects your performance A LOT more than you think it does. During my first few months in this job, I was so excited and passionate. I honestly performed better even though I was less experienced, than I did in my last few months. Constantly remind yourself of your motivation. Personally, I have to feel good to perform well. I only feel good when I think I look good – so whether it’s doing your nails/ eyebrows/ hair/ getting yourself your favourite coffee from your favourite basic coffee shop – Do what makes YOU feel good. Fake your success until you don’t have to fake it anymore.

6.It’s Not a Race, It’s a Marathon

Everyone has their own learning curve. Try your best not to compare yourself to others.  This can be taken so many ways, but I’m talking about in the work force, with yourself and your colleagues. It’s especially difficult when you see those around you excelling/ succeeding/ or “passing” you. However, PERSISTENCE is key.

If you are doing well and exceeding others – don’t fall back comfortably. They may exceed you if they have more drive/ motivation/ work ethics.

If others are performing better than you – don’t worry about it. Focus on yourself – you can/ might exceed them some day. How soon that day is, depends on you.

7. Be Sincerely Nice

I always think back, to this one Civics & Careers class. It was about the different relationships you form in your life. Those from school, often have a better chance of surviving than relationships formed at work. However, I honestly created such quality relationships from my past job. Don’t be nice, just to those who matter/ your superiors/ those who you can get something out of. Be genuinely nice to everyone, and I believe good things will come your way. You never know who people know.

This list was for me to be able to look back, and see what I took from my first job. I hope it did help you/ show you a different perspective in some shape, way, or form. If you’re at all curious as of what my job was exactly, please feel free to message me! I am extremely open in sharing my experiences and sufferings.


Goodnight 🙂






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