Cabin in the woods (Southampton)

Hello reader(s),

I know most of my posts are my mind simply unraveling onto the page, but the posts under the heading “Adventures,” will be a little different. As much as I would love this page to be filled with my travels around the world, unfortunately my bank account doesn’t support this yet. In the meantime, it will be about the small things that give me joy. Whether that be a new restaurant that I tried, a fancy date, or my weekend in Southampton, ON.

Btw, these posts will most likely have more detail than usual. The reason being, is that I want to look back at these posts and remember the small details of my trip.

On Saturday afternoon (February 27th) , my day started with waking up and doing some last minute packing. I then went on to pick up the bf and Janice & Tayror.

After a trip to Walmart/ Costco/ LCBO & the Beer Store, we got on the road at 4:30(My favourite part of travelling is packing/ getting snacks on the road and the first few moments of getting there and exploring).I know it’s weird, but the anticipation is almost as good as the actual event. Anyway on the way there we saw a whole lot of wind turbines, horses, slow tractors and lots and lots of land.

We got into the house and the place was even nicer in person. This was my first experience with airbnb but I was definitely pleased. I loooved the fireplace. 20160227_221019

After unpacking and claiming our rooms, we went to the small town of Port Elgin nearby, searching for some food while we waited for Arian & Cephas to arrive. We ended up at a cute little pub called “Chester’s Bar & Grill.”

The rest of the evening was a blur 😉

Day 2: Sunday February 28th 

After having a great breakfast by Cephas (omelettes, chicken wings) and Tayror (Waffles & Bananas & Maple Syrup) We visited the Lake about two minutes from our place.The lake was beautiful and partly frozen.I honestly didn’t feel like I was in Canada. Not exaggerating, I think we spent at least 45 minutes trying to break a piece of ice. After getting enough selfies in perfect lighting (ugh I realize how “basic” that sounds but those were my exact thoughts), we got enough of our outdoor fix for the day.


Boy Band

Left: Bf & I    Right: Gf & I, jks Janice

It was great because the house also had a pool table/ ping pong table. We spent more countless hours drinking  and entertaining ourselves with minimal technology, it was amazing.

Arian came home with a bunch of groceries and cooked us a feast. I’m too afraid to go on the scale after this trip, but it’s ok gym tomorrow.


We then made a trip to Mac’s to get ice cream, for more waffles. We then started a scary movie, but by the time the movie was half way through, the only people watching were Steven and I.

Day 3: Owen Sound

Day 3, we wanted some good breakfast so we drove a good 20-30 minutes to Owen Sound. We ended up at Le Rendezvous Restaurant. It was a cute little diner with a very homey feel to it.

Anyway, I know from the description of this trip that it sounds like not a whole lot happened. And that’s pretty accurate. But honestly, it was exactly what I needed. I came back today honestly with the blues, dreading the work day tomorrow. I need to plan the next thing to look forward to.

I’m sorry if this post wasn’t as organized/ captivating/ interesting/ relatable – but I honestly just wanted to tell you about my small trip to Southampton 🙂

Goodnight friends,


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