I hate being the one that always puts in the effort to catch up. Trust me, I understand that everyone’s busy. But day by day, as I think about some of the people that I view as close to me, I wonder what is it that makes us close? Is it just the fact that we’ve spent years building this relationship? Was it just out of convenience? When it comes down to it, how much do we even know about each other anymore ?

Myself included, we all have work, family, significant others, a million things that occupy us constantly. But for any sort of relationship, it’s a two way street. I miss having real conversations with you, not all the stupid small talk that no one cares for. Not all of these ” I miss yous” via messaging that leads nowhere.

I want to be able to look back and reminisce at all these moments, without having to remember it simply by the photo that I’ve posted. I want for us to progress through the stages of our life, and to be genuinely happy for each other, because we were there for each other every step of the way whether happy or painful.

Writing this, in no way am I saying that I’m the perfect friend. Honestly, I’m probably being hypocritical in one way shape or form. I’m not thinking about one specific friendship, so if you reading this, please don’t ask if it’s towards you. I’m still very grateful.  All I know is that I’m definitely thinking and expressing wanting to get in touch, are you?




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