21, you’ve been awkward AF

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I’ve tried to blog lately, but honestly I haven’t felt inspired.  As I’m sure you know, I loved McMaster more than anything.  I miss my friends, I miss the campus, I just generally miss being a student. I won’t lie – it’s been a little difficult to transition into this new stage of life. But I have entered the work force, and am trying my very best to present myself as an adult. This new stage has presented itself with new struggles, however new joys simultaneously. I find myself more driven, more aggressive, and a tiny bit more confident.

Anyways, here’s a list of things, that I find myself dealing with during this new Post-Undergrad stage of life.

  1. Wanting to be independent, but first you have to be financially independent
  2. Having four years of freedom at University… and then moving back home
  3. Entering the workforce, and having to prove to others that your young age is no indication of your skill
  4. Faking your way through small talk at work, to avoid looking like a complete idiot due to your lack of awareness of global issues
  5. Having so many new hopes, dreams and plans, and then looking at your bank account
  6. Explaining to people why you studied one thing, but you are now employed in another
  7. Not having the option of whether or not you want to skip class. Your butt has no option but to get up for work.

Anyways – being 21 has been an awkward limbo. But don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to have the opportunities that I do. I’m still getting used to this phase of life, but once I do – I shall blog more.

Good Night 🙂


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