Goodbye McMaster, Hello Real World

I don’t even know where to begin. It feels like just yesterday when I was moving into residence for my first year of University, crying as my parents left my new dorm room.

Four years later, I just finished my last exam and watched a few of my friends move home for good. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I can honestly say that these four years were better than I ever could have hoped for. My thoughts are all so jumbled, so bare with me while I take a walk down memory lane, of all that I took from my University experience.

Lesson 1: Meet more strangers

Something else that I took from these four years, is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Join clubs and go socialize with people that you normally wouldn’t. You never know if these people will be your next good friend, next connection to a job or even a date. One thing that I really loved about University is that popularity minimally exists. It doesn’t matter if you were the coolest kid in high school or the geek that talked to himself. I believe that if I met a lot of the people from my high school (who I didn’t hang out with) in University, that I could have potentially been better friends with them without the cliques. After paying these ridiculous tuition fees – I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people are trying to achieve the highest mark possible. Therefore the keeners? You’re no longer losers in University. In fact – people admire you for your dedication and hard work

In the future, if my kids are in high school and ever complain about not being popular this is what I would tell them: Son/Daughter – don’t worry – you’re going to make friends in University – people don’t give a rat’s ass about popularity in University.

Lesson #2: No more fake friends: 

Every year came with a new set of struggles, and also a new set of friends. One of the things that I took the most from University, is that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to. By this, I don’t mean for example – studying. Obviously I don’t want to study but I still have to – but that’s keeping in mind my end goal of graduating. To be specific, your time is valuable – who do you really want to spend this finite amount of time with? I want to spend time with people that inspire me, encourage me and those that generally make life happier. There was a point in time, where I was surrounded my people that I felt was a negative weight in my life. Instead of stressing about this or dealing with the drama, I realized how unnecessary it all was – hang out with those that you love and that’s more than enough.

Lesson #3: No title

You know that thing – where you make fun of yourself before others’ could? Well most of the time – they wouldn’t have enough thought to make fun of you about that thing you’re insecure about. Trust me – I have experience with being made fun of.

Lesson #4: Don’t underestimate yourself

You’re probably a lot smarter, a lot more social, and capable of a lot more than you think you are. In an environment like University, during my first two years I slipped into a bad habit of underestimating myself. Of having a presumption that I was less intelligent than the classmates around me. This therefore led me to have lower goals and expectations of myself academically. I’d tell myself to aim for an 80 for example, because this was a realistic mark I could achieve. But why not aim for 100% and see where you land? By changing my mindset 3rd and 4th year – I noticed a difference. I can’t say that I still don’t underestimate myself – but I’m working on it.

To sum it up:

I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to attend this amazing school. I’m thankful for all the moments I got to walk across the beautiful campus. Sometimes I’d honestly just breathe in the air, stare at the squirrels because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk this campus forever.

So be stressed about your marks, but honestly don’t forget to have fun – Because it’s not my marks that I’m going to remember ten years from now – but it’s the sleepless nights, late coffee runs, FMSA/MVSA parties, dance practices, kings cup games,  – these are the things that will stick with me.

Every year I lived with a new set of people. Before this school year started – I wasn’t sure how the house dynamics would be since most of my housemates were new. But after these eight months – I’m truly sad to no longer be living with these girls. I’m going to miss running in and our of your room and all studying together even though we’re not even talking. I’m trying not to be too emotional today so I’m just going to stop this here. This post only scratches the surface of my feelings from all four years. Maybe I’ll write more when I’m less sad. Thank you to everyone that has been apart of my life ❤

Thank you McMaster – you really were my home away from home.

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