Things I hope to live by for the new year

Happy 2015 Friends

I didn’t make a New Years resolution since there hasn’t ever been a year that I remembered my resolution ( let alone actually accomplishing it). However, there are a few things I’d like to live by. I put this out into physical words to remind myself, and so that when I’m complaining or being pessimistic, someone can straighten me out and say ” remember when you said you’d be positive?” anyway:

1. Going with the Flow

 Working hard in everything, school, applying for jobs, extra-curricular activities, but stressing less on how it will all work out.

2. Caring less 

Over-thinking less, caring what people think less, cause realistically, no one cares enough that much to disilke you that much

3. Following my gut instincts

They seem to be right. Or at least during multiple choice tests.

4. Care for my body more

While it used to be about looking good or losing weight, I want to strive to be healthy. Maybe I can eat Wings at 2 am right now, but idk how much longer my metabolism will cooperate with me. This includes drinking more water(I’m awful at this).

5.  Focus More 

 Being more focused on whatever it is that I’m doing. Whether it’s homework, or giving my full attention to whoever it is that I am with/talking to. For example, not checking my phone when someone’s telling me a story.

That’s my list for now. If you’re a close friend and catch me not following those ^ . Feel free to call me out on it.

Photos from the new year so far:

DSC_0590 DSC_0592 2015-01-16 17.58.41 2015-01-17 01.02.38 2015-01-17 01.15.05 2014-12-31 00.23.54

Anyway, thanks for reading wonderful people.

Have a nice day 🙂


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