Christmas & the Champagne Birthday

Hey everybody,

Feeling pretty festive & excited around now, why? Yup, because Christmas is coming. Yup I am one of those people who begin listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album during the 2nd week of November. Since people keep asking me why I love Christmas so much (since I don’t celebrate it for religious reasons) I thought I’d make a list

1. Going to Yorkdale & seeing their Christmas decorations – if you’re wondering why Yorkdale, they just seem to impress me the most

2. Going downtown, seeing the christmas lights and snow falling

3. Skating, even though it hurts my toes, ankles, and makes my face and fingers swell up

4. Folding my brain inside out to think of what gifts to get family, friends and the significant other

5.  It gives an excuse for family to get together and actually get along. Even family members that usually can’t stand each other, will swallow their pride and celebrate this joyous holiday season together

6. Seeing the Tim Hortons & Starbucks Christmas cups. I must also add that Tim Hortons did an amazing job with their holiday cups. It’s pretty common to see photos of Starbucks holiday drinks on social media, but recently I’ve actually seen a lot of Tim Hortons cups. The fact that they used only one colour made it also easier to distinguish & remember( unlike previous years where they had cluttered winter scenes)- anyway besides the point.

7. An excuse to buy mugs, candles & socks that I don’t need

8. Seeing all the people panicking and frantically shopping to buy last minute Christmas gifts. I don’t know why, most people don’t like crowded malls. For some reason, it makes me excited as if we all have the same goals despite being total strangers. That probably didn’t make sense to you.

9. Secret Santa. Especially messing up and making your friends re-draw  (lol vituni & I suck at this)

10. Catching up with close friends. School’s been really hectic, and I’m finally gonna have the opportunity to go eat a lot of bad food with my wonderful friends

11. Family christmas parties. Despite my cousins & I being giants that hover over the rest of our relatives, I still feel like a 10 year old during christmas. My cousins & I sit around the christmas tree, as all the christmas gifts are called out. And once in a while when our names get called ( when a few relatives are generous enough to still get us big kids a gift)…we excitedly receive our gifts from our family’s “Santa” – my Vietnamese uncle wearing a fake Santa beard that barely stays on.


Anyway those are a few of the reasons why I love Christmas. I’m also pretty excited that it’s my champagne birthday. Yeah I know it’s just going to be like any other year. But I don’t know, 21 just seems like a bigger deal to me.

Anyway, I’m gonna browse around online and get ideas for Christmas gifts. You probably won’t hear much from me until around December 16th:) But as soon as my exams are done, and christmas shopping begins I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’ve also always wanted to incorporate a bit of my style/ fashion sense/ taste(?) into my blog, but didn’t know if I should go through with it.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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