Where have I been?

I know, it has been much too long since I’ve last posted. But let me assure you that I really wanted to. But with school and everything else in life, I didn’t know where to begin. On one hand, my day to day life is to be honest, pretty dull. Actually before I continue, let me give you a pretty decent breakdown of my day.

Morning: Wake up, with a strong and almost immediate craving for coffee. Get ready, head to school to satisfy this crave, despite having my own K-cup machine. I’m not sure why coffee tastes better when it requires me to waste more money, even though it’s the exact same coffee

Afternoon: Head to the library – productivity is not guaranteed/Go to classes – have lunch with friends/ run in and out of my housemates’ rooms, possibly decide to be physically active and go to the gym/ volunteering/ group meeting etc.

Evening: This is the time I study, binge watch Gilmore Girls, have dinner, be at the library and basically stay up until 3 am, doing god knows what.

Anyways, so much has changed in the past two months. I got new housemates (Janice, Mindi, Cam, Keerthana & Simrat all moved in. ) for my last year, and boy am I relieved that we get along ( at least I think we do). Thanks to them, the majority of my Facebook friends probably think I have digestive problems, or am a struggling rapper.

I’ve also become really close with people that I probably would have least expected to, but I am definitely not complaining. For the first time in a long time, everything feels like it’s in the right place. There’s no voice in my head that’s giving me self doubt or disagreeing with my actions. ( interpret that however you want, I’m sure most of you didn’t get that at all. Whoops I just implied that there’s people reading my thoughts).

School is crazy. I usually take classes to avoid essays, but somehow they’ve followed me this year. If I’m not writing an essay, I’m learning about protein diffusion in cells. It’s nice to learn more about humans this year,  compared to my 3rd year which greatly consisted of animal mating and deer population patterns.

Every time I’m struggling to study or learn, I tell myself. “Alice, this is your last year. In a year, you’re gonna look back and wonder why you complained about studying, because now you have to actually go out, make money and support yourself, rather than the hardest thing in your life being to memorize these G proteins.” I hope that somewhat helps you when you try and study.

Anyway, I came across a quote that I’ve thought about a lot, one that also puts me at ease. And that is, “You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.” – David Foster Wallce. To be honest, I saw someone tweet this quote and decided to google it. Anyway, sleep on that < another quote I’ve gotten from someone pretty important to me.

Ok, I really should get back to my essay now. It was just one of those evenings where my thoughts were piling out my head.

Some photos:

2014-11-15 13.40.34 2014-10-31 21.08.20DSC_0147  2014-10-09 21.06.07

Have a good night, thanks for reading:)

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