I went into my Dropbox, and went under my ” Camera Uploads.” and realized that 80% of my photos were with my housemates. I’m usually so exciting to come back to school, but honestly this year is going to be really different. And yeah of course we make friends every day at college, and don’t get me wrong many of my really great friends are still here. But no longer do I get to be housemates with my best friends. We all had such different personalities but together we just got along.

There was never drama. Our house was LITERALLY ALWAYS loud. At all times of the day. I’d always hear either Steven, Nico or Steven and Nico singing Frozen over and over again. Or Vituni yelling at Darren that he’s a brat. Or Alices telling us to shut up. or asking if we needed something from Fortinos. We did the dorkiest things together like face masks. We’d echo each other while singing(or at least I do that), or get really addicted to games like quiz up when we should be studying. 

We all had our own rooms but for the majority of the time, we would be squished in one of our rooms all on the same bed. It’d get squishy and hot with all our laptops, textbooks, and mouse pads( yeah they used mouse pads to game). 

My housemates made fun of me CONSTANTLY, scared me CO2013-11-27 22.15.44-2NSTANTLY, ignored me CONSTANTLY but I loved it. 

Every time I was sad, I knew I could just come into one of their rooms and start to vent. In Vituni’s case, I could storm into her room and start screaming about my unfair TA. Or I could storm into Steven’s room and stress about my future. He’d ignore me since he’d be playing League but it still helped. Or I would go into Clarisse’s room, and begin to ask her something (when she interrupts me to lift up her shirt, and show me her abs) Or I would storm into Nico’s room…without knocking..sorry. 

We’ll always be the house that never shovels the driveway, leaves their christmas decorations all year, and constantly has a recycling bin full of empty bottles. 

I know this post was really all over the place. But those were just a few things of many that I will miss. 

Thanks for reading,


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