How I Feel About Selfies

Hey Guys!

I’ve been taking Selfies since around Grade 7. Back then I didn’t have my own digital camera, so I used my cousin’s. Michelle’s a year older and got her first digital camera before I did . At every sleepover, I took this chance to take hundreds of selfies. Sadly I’m not exaggerating about hundreds. Why? It wasn’t because I was conceited and thought highly of my own looks. It was really the exact opposite. Grade 7 Alice had acne, a long skinny awkward face (you may still think I look like this but oh well) and bangs that never worked with her face. I took Selfies because I tried really really hard, to find a photo of myself that I could put as my Myspace profile pic/ msn dp . A photo that made me feel pretty and made me look confident even if I wasn’t. ( P.S, it took a lot of skill to take Selfies back then. Without a front camera, you had to awkwardly twist your arms ok)

Therefore, until this day every time I take a Selfie and I hear someone say ” Oh god, there she goes again.” It really bothers me. If I am able to take a photo, that makes me feel good about myself, PLEASE, tell me who are you to judge me.

Fine, sometimes people take Selfies of them ” At the beach” even though they take up 3/4 of the photo and the water can barely be seen. Regardless, this person is probably showing off his/her new hair, hot bod, or outfit that they spent a lot of money on. WHY NOT? If I spend $100 on shorts and a top from Aritzia, I sure as hell will make sure the world sees it.

I wanted to find one of my earlier Selfies but most of them are in my old laptop. Anyway I went through a lot of changes in high school as we all did. I wish I kept all my class photos in Elementary school too.


Have a good night everyone, off to watch Suits/ Game of Thrones/ Fresh Prince of Bel Air;)



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