10 Kinds of Fast Food Customers

Originally, I started to film a video about this topic – but it was feeling too forced, and I wanted my first video to be smooth and natural. SO I decided I would write about it on my blog. SO HERE YOU GO – maybe you guys have experienced one of these customers, or maybe I’m explaining you perfectly. Don’t worry I do these things too.

1. The Hand Caresser
These customers are the ones that hand me their change, however along with retrieving their change, I have probably retrieved their body scent or something because of the MUCH too long hand contact that we just exchanged.

2. The Ones that Insist on Paying
These customers are calm while making their order, but when their friend pulls out their debit card SUDDENLY I HAVE FOUR ARMS WAVING forms of payments at me.I’m an indecisive person, and you’re making me choose whose money to accept.

3. The Really Picky Ones
I totally get it – I can be really picky with my orders too. But you don’t need to stare me down. If anything I’ll probably accidentally put cream instead of milk in your coffee since you made me nervous.

4. The High School Kids

I am NOT hating, because I was definitely this kid. You initially ask for a large sized smoothie. Then a medium since you don’t have enough change. Okay maybe a small. Or you know what, a cup of iced water is good too

5. The Ones that Hit on You

Now please don’t see this as my opportunity to show-off me getting hit on. This is just something that happened once at work that I think is pretty funny. These two Vietnamese guys came in and asked what my ethnicity was. I responded saying I was Vietnamese. They then decided to continue onto speaking to me in Vietnamese. They asked me if I had a Vietnamese name ( since apparently the name Alice on my name tag was not enough). I panicked at how awkward and intrusive they were being therefore I ….. gave them my mom’s name. YUP. They asked me for my Vietnamese name, so I gave them my mom’s name. I don’t know if you can tell that I can’t handle awkward situations?

6. The Ones That Blast Music Really Loud

Now although apart of me thinks this is a little obnoxious, to be honest I’m just jealous. And I would like to be in your car screaming and dancing to Baliandos by Enrique Iglesias with you.

7.  The Ones That Ask You How You Are? 

I never understood this one. A lot of customers will greet me by saying” Hi, How are you.” I would therefore proceed to REPLY them and say I’m pretty go-

They interrupt me and proceed to their order before I can even answer. So why couldn’t you just say hi? Instead of deceiving me into thinking that you were interested in how I was.

8. The Ones That Give a lot of Change

I’m guilty of this too, sometimes I just want to empty my wallet out. But I mean Ziploc bags worth? Oh this reminds me of the time I decided to roll up all the change in my house, to exchange it into bills at the bank. I decided to carry ( at least like 20 or 30) these money rolls in a plastic grocery bag. I didn’t even double bag it. While walking to the bank, my bag decided to fail on me. There is now an Alice trying to use every limb to prevent these rolls of money from falling. But nope, that car just ran over my roll of dimes.

9. The Ones with the Very Restricted Diets 

Peanuts, gluten-free, lactose intolerant – let me just give you a hug.

10. The Ones on Their Phones 

Please, continue talking about your evening was last night – either way I get paid

Anyway here’s a few photos from my summer so far:

2014-07-31 20.06.16 2014-07-31 19.22.04 2014-07-29 20.41.46 2014-07-27 15.42.34 2014-07-25 20.27.36 2014-07-29 11.58.562014-08-01 22.34.172014-07-20 21.06.59

Can you tell that I like food? Anyway – thanks for reading 🙂 have a nice Monday night. Also been catching up on suits, and this scene makes me LOL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGn7GFjVHCo


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