Weird things I’ve noticed about growing up

A few things changes about myself I’ve noticed lately:


1. Arthur remains in grade 3 – and you’re this 20 year old that’ll still watch when you come across TVO KIDS


2.  Unconsciously hoping that when I ask about someone’s age, they’re older than me. It’s the weirdest thing

3.  Great appreciation for mugs, candles, and socks – I have no idea


4. Sort of started to like flowers – see it’s such a nice gesture, but it makes me sad when they die ( I don’t know if I got this from Phoebe from friends? But that’s how I feel anyway). I received a dozen lately and I’ve had a greater appreciation for them

2014-06-25 20.07.34

5. Feel really terrible spending money eating out – I should be further developing my cooking skills

6. Started to really appreciate my sleep. First year, some nights ( okay most nights) I’d sleep maybe four hours. I thought I was staying up to get some extra “Studying in.” Honestly, that just contributed to Freshman 15. Anyway nowadays, I will stop midway through my episode of the Bachelor, to make sure I get in at least six hours of rest.

7. Started loving red onions


Anyway – there’s probably more to the list I can’t remember right now – comment any awkward things you notice about growing up


Thanks for reading 🙂


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