The Fault in Our Stars

Hi World !!

It has been way too long since I’ve blogged, but I can explain! I recently finished Summer School – then began working a bit more- but mostly I have been spending more time outside! There is way too much to do downtown Toronto-  just walking around doing nothing, is fun. Anyway I’m going to try to recap some slightly more interesting parts of my summer so far.

ImageI watched the Fault in our Stars. Twice. I’ll admit – before watching Divergent/ TFIOS I was pretty hesitant about paying for a movie with Shailene Woodley. Why? Because she starred in the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”- the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. Not to mention I watched this throughout my entire Grade-12-Exam-Week(should have been studying for Chemistry). But anyway – I thought the movie was beautiful and hilarious. (except maybe the scene when they kissed in the Anne Frank Museum that was a just a tiny bit corny). I loved the characters and the fact that John Green let us better understand each character. The acting was amazing and I really felt for each character. What I mean by this is – any show or movie that I watch. I want to be able to be like “Oh hey, that’s something Joey from Friends would do”. I like Character development. I loved every relationship in the movie. The one between Augustus and Hazel, Hazel and her parents, and Augustus and his best friend. I watched it a second time with the girls- and surprisingly I was the only one that cried ( even though I was the only one who watched it a second time). Regardless it was a great time – oh Victoria cried from one eye though. ALSO THAT WAS the first time in a LONG TIME, that I went to the movies without getting popcorn- Pat on the back? I think so. I’ve heard people who haven’t watch the movie make sarcastic comments such as ” I would watch it, but I’ve already seen A Walk to Remember.” Now even though A Walk to Remember is one of my all-time favourites, I think this movie was richer. I don’t know if that’s the right word but I’m sticking to it. I also started googling interesting facts about TFIOS. ImageOne that I thought was interesting was how John chose the names “Hazel” and “Augustus.” He chose Hazel, because Hazel is an “In-between colour.” In Between explains a lot of Hazel’s life. Being in between healthy & sick, between childhood & adulthood & between breathing air/ water.

Augustus is apparently the name of Roman Emperors. However throughout the movie Hazel also calls him Gus(A kid’s name). Anyway read this link: it gives a better description:

I took this photo after the first time watching it – You can’t see much, but let’s say I regret not using water proof mascara.

I also watched Maleficient – ehh. Angelina Jolie was great for the role but .. ehhh


My cousin & I went swimming at a pool by Lake Shore ( It was heated, huge and awesome). However to get there was a mission. It was a 30 minute walk from my cousin’s place, followed by a 35 minute bike ride. I rented a bike for $7 for the day (Bike Share). It felt awesome biking again – especially since I used to bike a lot, but recently hurt my tailbone. How? Biked over a bump. Yup. Then on the way home, everything was going great until…..AT LEAST SEVEN BIRDS STARTED FLAPPING THEIR WINGS towards my direction. Mid street I FREAKED OUT (unhealthy fear of birds).


Yesterday my friends & I went to SandBanks Beach for Vituni’s Birthday. It was honestly a perfect day. The weather was perfect, the location was pretty perfect( besides for the birds), and lastly the company. We had an amazing time all day. Attempting to play volleyball/ ” tackle football” followed by some intense beer pong. The food was awesome ( Thanks to Tuni & Jonny for being overly generous with all the food). The ride was pretty long but we went through Darren’s Adolescent years through his CDS. Starting with DARREN CD 1. Here are a few photos – oh heyy 10 mosquito bites and sunburn.




Thank you Sh-teven for the souvenirs 😀 The keychains together means ” Evil Friends.” Image

Have a goodnight everyone 🙂

Thank you for reading 😀

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