A few weird things about me

I did so much in this last week. But the main highlight was the beautiful wedding I attended near Niagara Falls(I’ll post photos at the end). But today, I’m in a pretty light mood? Therefore wanted to share a few weird things that I like/ obsessions you could say.


1. Arcades. Especially, the midway arcade on Clifton Hill ( Niagara falls). I have no idea why, I don’t even play games much. And even though the prizes SUCK, I get way too excited when the ticket coupon things come out. I will spent at least $20 every time.

2. Crappy TV Shows, & then re-watching them again – I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of naming them

3. I will hide $20 for myself. So that one day, I’ll forget, come across it and get really happy

4. Trying to sing the spanish version of Enrique Iglesias Songs

5. Breaking Bad – & if you don’t already know that, I don’t think our level of friendship is where I would like it to be

That’s all for now. On to my weekend:

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. It was smaller than most other weddings I’ve attended, but it was close and personal. I think there was approximately 100 people? The ceremony was outside, and we then entered a nice cabin like restaurant for the dinner part of the evening. Darren was the best man since it was his brother’s wedding! Also, his nieces & nephew are cutest. ( mixed kids omg).




On an unrelated note. I have been extra addicted to social media. This needs to stop. Also have been having such urges to dance salsa!! If anyone knows any nice places..where you can have dinner…as well as some casual dancing..please let me know! 🙂

My current favourite summer songs in case you need a good summer beat:

Baliando – Enrique Iglesias

Summer – Calvin Harris

I got U – Duke Dumont

This post is a short one – @ starbucks & my laptop is dying.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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