Feeling like a true Torontonian

My week:

  • I met up with Aldrin:D Guys meet Aldrin! Aldrin & I worked together about five years ago. WOW that was a long time ago. During that short time that we did work together, we decided to be friends. Even though his first impression of me was what..weird and clumsy? We then continued high school keeping in touch, and finally went to University together:D He’s in Alberta now, but I got to have lunch with him today!! We then were extremely full and decided to sit at Eaton Centre and stare at people ( I think this was for 20 minutes). We were then waiting for Michelle, so decided to go sit in Indigo. I can’t wait for him to come back this September cause I finally have someone to eat Pizza with again. He insists he’s eating healthy now though so I guess he can watch me eat Pizza.Image

Watched Neighbours! I love Seth Rogan & Zac Efron so I enjoyed it. The theatre was PACKED. Maybe since it just came out & it was a Tuesday. It was funny but a lot of the scenes were already in the trailer. Mitch & I were sweating like no tomorrow waiting in line for this movie fyi.

  • Michelle & I went to the Works! I don’t usually like burgers or order burgers at restaurants. However ever since my first visit to the Works, I felt a strong urge to revisit. My burger was the ” Sexy Burger.” which came with cream cheese, pineapples, jalapeno peppers  & a spicy sauce ( it was soooooo goooooood). The place is really nicely decorated as well. It took us approximately a 30 minute walk there. This worked up our appetite(Y) She really enjoyed it too, I definitely recommend it.Image
  • Visited a Cafe called “Dark Horse” downtown Toronto. It had a great atmosphere except for the music. I usually look the kind of music played at Starbucks that lightly bounces around in my head and does not get in the way of my thoughts. However, it was an entire CD of Beyonce, followed by Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey ( it just didn’t flow). After this Khalid & I met up and walked around downtown. He taught me how to reject strangers selling things on the streets.


Had class, professor took 20 minutes to teach people how to use I-clickers. How.

  • One night Michelle & I were walking downtown, when a guy in an army uniform called out to us. He was promoting for the film Godzilla. Mitch and I were like oh yeah cool we’re planning on watching it. Then he says, ” This Thursday, the cast and crew will be downtown for the premiere.”…..We stop walking…..” YOU MEAN BRYAN CRANSTON?” ( in sync btw, we didn’t plan this)…..man says yes…Michelle & I then start practicing for selfies and think of unique ways to get Bryan Cranston’s attention. BTW he’s the actor in Breaking Bad for those who don’t know. We came approximately two hours earlier to the intersection, waiting in the rain for Bryan Cranston. NOPE HE did not show. I did meet an Elias MMA fighter, but too bad I don’t know who he is. Bryan Cranston you broke my heart. You took it and you threw it. But it’s gonna come flying back to you cause Mitch & I Have madeImage a pact to meet you one day.
  • Image







Multiple times this week I found myself laughing until my stomach hurt. Stayed up until 5 am one night talking to Mitch about life, animals mating and family. Thanks for reading 🙂

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