Mother’s Day

This week has been hectic, but to sum it up I’m going to post photos to try & represent what I did this week.

1. Tour of U of T ( thanks Michelle) 

Walking on this beautiful & unfamiliar campus gave me feelings of….the best word I could use to describe it is hope. Or at least, opening my eyes to the eImagendless possibilities out there. Also, I am the worst at dressing for the weather. I’ll layer up on the warmest day, and wear only a v-neck on the windiest day. That night I decided to wear a thin sweater, and of course it started to rain.





2.  Roomies 

ImageBeing Roomies has been awesome. For me at least. We’d have breakfast together and by breakfast I mean 12 pm. P.S I’m a coffee-addict thanks to first year! We also watched Ms. Congeniality until 3 am. I feel like I’ve mentioned this already.





3.“Chipotle Mexican Grill”

Aman took meImage to Chipotle and it was pretty good. Honestly anything with avocado salsa / sour cream is perfection. That’s a strong word for me to use to describe food but it is. I was so excited to eat it, I forgot to take a photo. Since I’m a slow eater and needed to pack the rest to class, I resumed eating during class. At this moment I remembered I wanted to take a photo of it, therefore here is my food half way eaten. LOL it doesn’t even look good in this photo but trust me it was good! I got the vegetable bowl if anyone was curious.





4. Shopping for Mother’s Day

Darren & I went sImagehopping for Mother’s Day. After going around for hours in the mall, I stumbled into Crate & Barrel.This store has my mom’s name written all over it, how is this only my first time there? If I had known earlier, christmas/ birthday/ mother’s day shopping would have been much easier these past years. My mom loves gardening/ BBQ-ing, basically any outdoor activities. She would be completely satisfied with just a home made card, but as long as I can give her a small gift I will. I got her 3 flower pots ( in orange-ish red, turquoise and yellow), two corn cob plate holders, and a dish cloth ( since ours at home is worn out, plus the yellow would brighten up our kitchen). I know it isn’t anything too fancy, but she was really surprised. Unfortunately, she wants to return the corn cobs and the cloth LOL and buy some frog garden statue instead. But whatever makes her happy (Y). Darren & I also ate at a thai restaurant. Unfortunately, there were two geese laying eggs RIGHT in front of the restaurant entrance. It affected my dining experience tbh. I was terrified. Also, I was an over achiever and chose a spicy scale of 5 out of 7. Ended up sweating like I just finishedImage Zumba.


Other things I bought this week:

Wilfred Imagefree Romper from Aritzia

Keds from Little Burgundy (for only $16 so I was pretty happy(Y)

Insurgent hehe on to the second book!

Several coffees from Starbucks since they’re everywhere downtown & it was happy hour.











Also forgot to mention, I’m back at my part-time job now. It’s nice to be welcomed back with open arms! However these early mornings are AHHHHH but hey money is money.

That’s all for now, goodnight guys 🙂


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