New Kid

The last two days have been interesting. I’m attending Summer School at Ryerson, and I feel like new kid at school. Even though Ryerson is huge & no one would notice that I don’t belong there anyway, it felt weird, but a good weird. It’s really different staying downtown, but I like it. I’ve been staying with my cousin Michelle. ( But instead of using her real name, I call her Mitch. 10 years ago we decided to make boy names for each other, therefore my cousins call me Allan). I’m an only child therefore I grew up seeing my cousins as my siblings.

I feel as though so much has happened in the last few days, I made a list to make it easier to remember my days:

  • Watched Divergent with Mitch at 10:20 pm ( I must mention, I thought 10.20 was the price, therefore I told the worker how cheap that was compared to the theatre near my house. It turned out he was talking about the SHOWTIME & that the ticket was as shown on the screen, $13).
  • Screamed and made a fool of myself in front of multiple strangers due to my fear of birds – downtown = pigeons err where
  • ate a lot of Michelle’s home made chicken
  • Showered in really cold water since I couldn’t work her faucet
  • Tried to watch House of Cards & Downton Abbey(thought it was downtown abbey this whole time). Our short attention spams didn’t let us do this. Maybe we’ll try again tonight
  • Met up with Aman & Navdeep ( friends from high school!) They were nice enough to show me around Ryerson
  • Went shopping with Puja – she felt like my boyfriend for the day
  • Got lost, but finally found my way home
  • Got upset since I couldn’t log onto Ryerson’s Wifi or Library computers since apparently I don’t belong there

By the way, meet Michelle: Some fast facts about my relationship with her


I thImageink she bullies me more than anybody. We spent our childhood making commercials, reenacting scenes from A walk to Remember, making a wedding for our monkeys, biking with our other cousins Elizabeth & Carter, and playing butt tag ( Butt tag is a game we created, where we used my dad’s pajama pants to hit each other, but it only counts if we use my dad’s pajama pants). She’s my cheating-in-big-2-won’t-buy-her-little-cousin-a-taco-brother ( just kidding she’s nice sometimes).

Today’s a short one since I’m exhausted from carrying a huge backpack around all day. Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Kid

  1. In regards to the Ryerson wifi issue, look for the network called “eduroam”, you should be able to log in using your Mac ID. This network is at most Ontario universities so hope that helps!

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