My Calm ( but not really since I was fangirling over Valanciunas) Sunday

Honestly, my day has been pretty uneventful. Regardless, I enjoyed the lack of responsibility/deadlines/stress for the day. Here’s how it went.

Watched game 7 by myself in the living room – This consisted of me jumping up & down, using the washroom approximately six times ( was this because of me trying to drink lots of water to be healthy? or how suspenseful the game was?..both?) and finally I was saying colourful words I don’t usually say and by colourful I mean swear words.

By the way, any Desperate Housewives fans here? I’m  a doppelganger spotter just so you know.



BUT WAIT. Try to imagine Deron Williams with a mustache too..ahhhhhh?? yeahh eh?

Practiced driving – I’m not sure why but most people I know automatically assume that I’m a terrible driver? just because I sit tensely behind the steering wheel/ won’t listen to music/ won’t converse while driving doesn’t mean that. It means I’m concentrating.

Since I just said converse – I used to be obsessed with converses ( I’ve had eight pairs) along with my neon headbands, bangles and star shaped earrings.

Went shopping – I feel like I could write an essay about this. About how there’s this opinion among individuals I know that frown upon people who love to shop ( myself).

From grades 3-7, I think its safe to say that I was quite a Tom Boy. Before grade 3 I can’t say much about myself since apparently I didn’t talk that much either( in general, yeah surprising I know)….MEMORY FLASHBACK: getting pooped on by a bird in grade one on my red jacket.. But anyway, I remember beginning to spark an interest in clothes and shopping in general in grade 7…ANOTHER FLASHBACK: Tried to collect quarters as a kid. Got to approximately..$7 worth of quarters? gave up and bought myself ice cream since $7 when you’re 11 is a huge deal..anyway, the older I get, the more I feel I need to defend and explain myself, about my enjoyment for shopping. But just because I do enjoy shopping/do care about my appearance, does not make me a shallow person. I believe people should do whatever it is that they need to do, in order to feel confident. If caring about the clothes I wear is the way to do it, then let me be! Anyway, I bought a romper that I’m pretty happy about 😀 & some Keds flats. Summer! I am ready for you!

Thank you for reading 😀

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday evening!

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