Summer 2014 To Do List

You know when you’re really excited for something, but you don’t want that thing to come? Cause once it comes, it happens and its over? Well that’s how I feel about University. I love every minute of it, and can’t believe I just officially completed my third  year. Anyway, now that that’s over, HELLO SUMMER! Here’s a list of things I hope to do this Summer. (Hey, it doesn’t mean I’ll do it all, but a girl can set goals right?)

1.See the cast of SUITS film downtown

2. Read the Divergent Series ( Nope, I’m not much of reader but I’d like to become one)

3. Cabana Pool Bar

4. Go to a Concert! Miguel, Childish Gambino, or Ed Sheeran please come to town!

5.  Road trip with the girls

6. Visit Nashville / NYC

7.  Figure out what I want in life (Career-wise)

8. Keep up with this blog & potentially start a Youtube channel

9. Finally eat at CopaCabana

10. Read my Kinesiology Textbook cause I don’t want to hear the phrase ” Why don’t you know Alice? You’re in Biology”

11. Visit the Riley’s Aquarium

12. See my Grandma, I miss the lady

13. Explore downtown Toronto more, and write about my findings

14. Watch Godzilla because I love Bryan Cranston (almost as much as my love for hot sauce)

Anyway, stick around ! I’ll be on here frequently 🙂

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